Our Story

Game Junkie began as a small online business outside in the back of a large shed at our family home selling and restoring games and consoles online and through local listing sites. Eventually we began offering full repair services out of the shed and we were so successful there that we could no longer handle the foot traffic walking through our back yard. Thus Game Junkie was born.

Now eight years later we have almost outgrown our 1,500 sq. ft. store front and the good times keep on rolling. We have expanded our operations to include retro game, new game, and collectible sales. 

This store and my family are my life. Every day we work to provide the best service and an amazing environment for our customers. So come on in, check out the store, and be a part of our family. 

"Gaming isn't our job, it's our way of life."
Francis Stanchek Jr.